Spiagge Bianche

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If you choose Italy as destination of your study abroad experience, you can’t miss the chance to enjoy the beach and the sea.

September offers still great weather and the beaches aren’t so crowded like July and August.

The perfect beach day is the mix of new students just arrived, music speakers, a lot of cold beers, guitars and tamburello with our staff ISF Tommaso and Giovanni, who are great musician performer and expert in popular dance.

Don’t just imagine how it will be, because the best choise you can do is already sign up for this daytrip.

Where are we going?
In Livorno area, only 1h30 minutes far from Florence there are the famous SPIAGGE BIANCHE, the White Beaches. This means that the color of the sand is super white and the sea is so trasparent.

Great reasons to join us?

IS CHEAPER. With ISF bus is cheaper then the train.
On trenitalia.com the round trip it costs 23,40€ and, in addition, doesn’t bring you directly on the beach. Walking for over 30 minutes to get the beach under the sun. Not convenient.

IN GROUP is more fun. Travelling together it helps to create the ISF family, we share ideas, fun, we meet new people!

MUSIC is the theme of the day. Bring your own music, speakers, guitars, your musical instrument and we will play and sing on the beach.

We love to say: “We make it simple”!

Another reason that will be as well importan, is the big celebration of Davide’s birthday, the coordinator of ISF association. All Erasmus are invited!

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 16th September

🇮🇹☀️☕️🍕🌊 Our PROGRAM ❤️

🔹9:00am – departure from Florence
1h30 minutes bus ride
🔹10:30am arrival in Rosignano – Spiagge Bianche
🔹17:30 meeting to go to the bus
🔹19:00 arrival in Florence

What is included:
✅ round trip transportation with private bus
✅ ISF staff and animation
✅ music support with guitars, speakers
✅ a lot of ICE to keep cold the drinks
✅ beachvolley balls

What we reccomend:
✅ bring your food and your drinks. there aren’t supermarket in the area
✅ bring towels, swim suite, an umbrella because the white sand reflexs so much the sun rays that is important to get protected.
✅ bring solar protection

💰How much does it cost?
Regular price for this trip is 40€.
💎For ISF members, through the benefit of ISF StudentLife Card 💳 price is 50% OFF!

🔹14€ Early bird 🐣price (for the first 20 booking till 4th September)
🔹19€ Regular 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Price (for booking till 11th September)
🔹23€ Late 🐌 booking

🤓🤓😎So be smart, you have enough time to ask questions and realize that this is a HUGE, RARE, UNIQUE possibility to have an amazing trip for the best price on the market!


We currently closed the online booking because we have the last spots. If you want to get a seats text +393887903829 on whatsapp and show up to ISF events to get your seat.

❗️Terms & Conditions
Dear students, You should be aware that in Italy to organize any trip is required the organization of a travel company. Is the law who pretend this.
❤️ISF Association respects the Italian law that requires an insurance policy in order to cover any kind of risk during the trip. Insurance is not included and it changes for each destination. Anyway is around some euros!
🔝💎Our partner and bus provider who guarantee our trips is PITTI VIAGGI Srl, Via Italia, Pian di Scò, Arezzo Italy.

Please, Help us to promote legal trip and choose the Erasmus Association who runs legal activity, it’s all about your safety, that counts a lot! Thanks ❤️