Private House Party 03.04 – all u can drink

🍻 ALL YOU CAN DRINK🍷🍺🥂🍹🍾(few places left)

Hey guys we are SUPER EXITED for our first 2019 ALL YOU CAN DRINK event‼🍷🍺🍻
For only 6€* you can drink all you want and have a great time! !!!
We are talking about GLASS of wine 😏🍷 not a plastic cup)
This is another great opportunity to meet new people and get to know our amazing ISF🔶 community!!🍺🥂

This is a very friendly house party and that is the reason we have LIMITED‼ seats for this event. Since we want to take care of the place!🏠

How to partecipate: 
the only way to enroll is trought this payment button. Reservation is required!

6 EUR only for people who sign up till 31.03 6PM
10 EUR for not ISF members and/or late booking (after 6PM)

1 seat for the private home party


1 seat for friday private party


After your booking, text:
+393887903829 Davide –    +393313603531 Alejandro
because they will give details about address (the location will be in the center and around SantaCroce) and they will add to the dedicated secret whatsapp group.

Meeting time is 21:30, on Wednesday!
🔴Please let us know as soon as you can since we have LIMITED AVAILABILITY! ⌛And need to know the amount of drinks 🥂🍺we should buy !🔴