For the academic year 2019/20120 ISF Association is proud to introduce our main partner: FLIXBUS. What is FLIXBUS? Is the visionary bus transportation company that connects most of Europe through excellent coaches with WI-FI, bathroom, plugs and comfortable seats.

Discount for ISF members: 15% off, 3 promocode per week.


  1. Get your ISF StudentLife Card on this website
  2. Send a WhatsApp message to (+39) 3887903829 including your ISF StudentLife Card number and your name  and the number of the promo code you need.
  3. After few seconds, or rarely some hours, you will receive the promo code

Congratulations! With the ISF Card you are saving an average of 72€ per year!



Casa Toscana

You’ll find this classic Italian eatery tucked away just a few minutes walking from the Piazza di Santa Croce, complete with red and white checkered table cloths and an authentic Tuscan menu featuring Bistecca alla Fiorentina and Tiramisù. (We recommend the Pici Casa Toscana!) With your ISF card, you’ll get a 20% discount on your bill and a complimentary shot of Limoncello at the end of your meal!

LOCATION: Via Giovanni da Verrazzano 3/5R
open daily from 10:00AM to 23:00
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**

Soul Kitchen

Every Tuesday night, head to our most soul-ful partner for a jazzy jam session and aperitivo. The theme of the aperitivo at Soul Kitchen’s changes each week and usually features a selection of international cuisines like Greek, Mexican and Italian. The aperitivo is 10€ and you will get a FREE SHOT with your ISF card at every ISF event.

LOCATION: Via de’ Benci 34R
Monday-Friday 11:00AM to 2:00AM & Saturday-Sunday 18:00 to 2:00AM
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**



This colorful cafe is the perfect spot along the river for studying, relaxing and grabbing a bite with your fellow ISF members. The kitchen offers light bites like sandwiches, salads, and wraps, along with fresh juice, and coffee to sip on. (We recommend the fruit smoothies!)

  • Spritz always 4€
  • Caffè Espresso at half-price
  • Everything else 20% for ISF students

LOCATION: Lungarno delle Grazie 12R
open daily from 9:30AM to 21:00
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**


Wednesday nights are for drinks at Inferno! If it’s a casual night, grab a 0.20L beer for 3€ or, if you’re feeling bougie, get a classic cocktail for just 5€. You can also have 10% off of a nice meal at this classy restaurant and lounge, or stay at the bar for a cheap glass of vino (4€) with your ISF card.

LOCATION: Via Ghibellina 80R
open daily from 12:00PM to 15:00 & 18:00 to 2:00AM
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**


Hit up this modern restaurant-bar every Thursday night for 8€ aperitivo with your ISF card (normally 10€). Second drinks are only 5€ for ISF students!

LOCATION: Via dei Benci 23R
open daily from 8:00AM to 3:00AM
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 02.32.21.png

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Just across from Mercato Centrale is this traditional pizzeria offering a simple menu of tasty pizza pies and calzones. Eat at Pizzeria da Michele and get 10% off your bill when you show your ISF card!

LOCATION : Piazza del Mercato Centrale 22R
HOURS: open daily from 12:00PM to 16:00 & from 18:30 to 23:20
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**


Bus2Alps is our go-to booking agency for tours that won’t break the bank. They lead groups of students to different locations around Europe and North Africa for shorter weekend sightseeing and week-long trips. Bus2Alps provides transportation, sets up accommodations, and coordinates recommended activities at your destination, it’s the perfect one-stop-shop for students. Use our ISF promo code “LIFE” to save 5% on your trip with Bus2Alps!

WHERE: Via Ghibellina 97R
WHEN: the office is open Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 18:00 & Saturday 12:00PM to 17:00


If your hungry for a good sammie, you can get any panino on Pino’s Sandwiches menu for 4.5€ with your ISF card (normally 5€ or 6€). This shop is one of our favorite casual lunch spots around town!

LOCATION : Via Giuseppe Verdi 36R
HOURS: open Monday-Saturday 9:00AM to 21:00
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**

La carraia.PNGFor those of you with a sweet tooth, hit up La Carraia for some quality gelato and a discount of 10% on any kilogram of gelato. It’s located across the river from the city center, just on the other side of the Ponte alla Carraia bridge, the perfect distance for an evening stroll after dinner!

LOCATION : Piazza Nazario Sauro 25R
HOURS: open daily from 11:00AM to Midnight
**Don’t forget to bring your ISF member card!**