Housing Project

Your first need, once you arrive to Florence is searching for a room.
We are quite sure that you already found some difficulties.
Maybe the owners didn’t respond you or languages barriers.
Sometimes we heard about situations where is impossible to get a regular contract.
First of all,
Don’t desperate! Smile and be positive!
Every students found a room the past year.
This means that it will happen the same to you. 100% guaranteed!
ISF Association promotes the housing project organized by StudentLife.
For ISF members the service is offered completely for FREE.
What is Housing Project?
✅ DATABASE of available flats skipping the real estate commissions
✅ free support, help, advice about accomodation problems
✅ CODICE FISCALE support, necessary to sign a contract
✅ DATABASE of Italian/Erasmus students looking for a flat
✅ your local Florentine referral point to meet the contractor, you
✅ we are not an agency. No commission, no fee.
✅ you need to be ISF members to benefit of this service.
How become ISF members? Is super easy!

ISF StudentLife Card

With ISF you get discount as well on Flixbus, 3euros on each trip and you get a FREE activation of a special Vodafone SIM that gives you a lot of GB and calls for your country!


In addition we would reccomend the amazing possibility to get a room at THE STUDENT HOTEL. 
What is The Student Hotel?
Is the new concept of student accomodation. In July 2018, The Student Hotel opened also in Florence. They provide single accomodation with the best services in order to provide the best experience during your time abroad.
Check their website to discover the great innovation of The Student Hotel:


or send them a mail to get more info:  📩marketing@thestudenthotel.com