Housing Project

What is #HP -HousingProject?

✅The Housing Project is not only a DATABASE of flats.
✅It is a Friendly Advisor to help and support 100% in order to allow you to rent a room, from distance as well.
✅It is a help for Codice Fiscale, for reading and understanding your contract with landlord.
It is also Open House. Actually, in September, if you still haven’t found a room, by joining Open House, you get a tour of flats in order to see multiple flats in few hours and at the same time you meet other people in your same situation and you can find your new flat mates.
is a DATABASE of students, Italian and International, who are looking for a local/international flatmate. You can contact them, you can connect and increase the possibilty to find flatmates or room

Be always the first to hear about new rooms and the activities we propose!

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